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Learn how to play the trumpet- At any age!

You can play the trumpet with in 30 days by learning
the basics of trumpet playing that are used by professional trumpet players.

Trumpet playing essential basics for beginners and for improving any player's skills. All the techniques that the best Trumpet players use that you can easily learn for wonderful and easy Trumpet playing.
You can get it all in one video or get 6 month weekly lessons on teaching!

Take the Shortcut play in 30 days with Dan's how to play the trumpet kit or Take a 6 montns online trumpet course.

Get your FREE Trumpet report:

Everything you ever wanted to know about the trumpet. Fill out your name and email and send.

- If all your life you wanted to play the trumpet
- If you cannot get a private teacher
- If you really want to play better
- If you want to overcome playing difficulties
- If you want to be playing in 30 days  

Choose your Trumpet lessons method
Danny Carney is giving you 2 choices for learning to play the trumpet  
1. Short & Quick for playing in 30 days.
2. Slow & intensive with online training.

1. For playing in 30 days continue on this page

Dan's How to play the Trumpet Video and text book
Immediate Download or Postage to your address.

  • Download for only $23.90
  • DVD + Book for $33.90+$9 shipping cost
2. For gradual studies and Skype training press here

This is what you can expect

- You will have a beautiful full rich trumpet sound.
- You will play with ease. No effort in playing
- You will be able to play the high register with ease
- You will know how to play by ear
- You will be able to play fast with double staccato.
  And many other good trumpet playing features that many players    don't even know.

Full 30 day guarantee

If during the first 30 days you regret your choice, we will refund you fully and you keep the 4 first lessons.

Pay attention: Get a "Taste of the course with the Free 1st trumpet lesson.
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Dan's how to play the trumpet kit
2 options for purchase:

Get your Download of the textbook and video for only $23.90 and within minutes you will be starting to play.
Get your DVD and hard copy text book posted to your address for only $33.90+$9 for shipmnet.


Enjoy your trumpet playing
Danny Carney Dedicated to your trumpet playing

Get your Free Trumpet
report now


Me Playing the Mouthpiece

Danny playing a solo with an orchestra

Playing with an orchestra

Holding the Trumpet

Playing the Trumpet

Holding the Trumpet - Left hand

Holding the Trumpet in my Left hand

Trumpet in the case

The Trumpet in the case

The Oldy's wall

My Trumpet Collection